The Jennings County Parks and Recreation Department is overseen by a five member Park Board. The Park Board is appointed for four year terms by the Circuit Court Judge (two park board members), the County Commissioners (one park board member), and the County Council (two park board members). Board members are paid a nominal fee.

Jennings County Parks and Recreation Board meets fourth Tuesday of each month at the William Read Home/Visitor Center at 5:30. All meetings are open to the public, unless specified otherwise.

We often have vacancies on the Park Board. Give us a call if you are interested.

Danny Young • Council Appointment • 1-1-19 to 12-31-22 • President
Samantha Wilder • Judge Appointment • 2018 to 12-31-2021
Wayne Zamora • Judge Appointment • 1-1-22 to 12-31-25
Jennifer Sanders • Commissioner appointment • 1-1-20 to 12-31-23
Vacant • Democratic Appointment • TBA

Park Director works as secretary for the Board.