The Jennings County Parks and Recreation Board was established in 1967 in anticipation of the transfer of the Muscatatuck State Park, back to residents of Jennings. The park was handed back to Jennings in 1968, and JCPR was created as a new county department.

Muscatatuck Park has been the main focus of the department, historically. Late in 2007 the department was granted the Eco Lake Park facility. Budgeted funds have not increased since this acquisition, but three grants have made some progress for the facility.

JCPR works annually with local private non-for-profits like the Jennings County Historical Society and Jennings County Youth Foundation creating special events and camps. JCPR also assists the Jennings County Community Foundation, the Town of Vernon, Friends of the Muscatatuck River Society as often as possible. Technical assistance in the form of grant writing is available for qualifying projects.